moments {a weekly collection}

Monday, 12 October 2015

a collection of small, everyday moments from our week.

1. rounding off our school week, where we learnt about china, with our very own chinese restaurant. we all tried, and managed, to eat our meal with chopsticks. 
2. enjoying a bit of water play in the sandpit, after a heavy downpour.
3. these two love to play games, and you can usually find them here on the weekend. this time, it was lego star wars.
4. she really wanted to paint her cat, "sooty", and was so proud that her painting resembled her cat.
5. the teddies got a new car.
6. learning spilled over into play, and the imperial city and the great wall of china appeared in the garden (complete with tiger).
8. she made fruit salad for herself and her little sister. she served them both, being careful not to serve any pineapple to little sister (who doesn't like it). she was so proud of herself!
9. she couldn't wait to get outside and draw with chalk in the her pyjamas.
10. we spent a couple of mornings doing school work on our new patio area by the pool, and jumping in the pool in between subjects.
11. our hens are laying well. she loves to collect the eggs, putting them against her cheeks to find out if they're still warm.
12. I tidyed up the studio in anticipation of kid's clothes week next week, even organising all my sewing supplies so I can find what I'm looking for. after I finished I realised it's not until the next week again.....

the hidden treasure of early mornings

Friday, 11 September 2015

This week I've been waking up earlier than usual, while the house is still dark.

Quietly, I tiptoe out to the kitchen and put the kettle on to boil. In the lounge room, I turn on the lamp, light some candles, and open a single curtain. In the soft, early morning light, I sit and write down the thoughts that inevitably over crowd my brain, and drink the day's first cup of coffee.

Waking earlier than the family is a good opportunity for me to meet the day slowly, with time to process my thoughts before being bombarded with thoughts and requests from my little people.

And then I hear her.

The door opens, and I hear her soft footsteps padding down the hall towards me, until I see her, standing in the doorway with her unruly curls hiding her face and looking at me with her big, sleepy blue eyes.

She walks over to me, and I open my arms, inviting her for a good morning hug, without a word.

While we're sitting together, she talks to me softly, telling me her thoughts and asking the things she wants to know in the few silent minutes before her more talkative siblings awaken.

And while we're sitting, we see the sun start to rise like a red orb in the sky. She asks if the sun is bigger than God.

I squeeze her tight, smell her hair, and capture this moment in my heart.

The hidden treasure of early mornings is these moments of connecting with her.

swc butterfly dress

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Last week, I sewed something.

Quite revolutionary, of course.

My sewing machine broke down in April, and I have been mourning its' loss since then. Imagine loud wailing, and you'll get the picture.

Until now. In July we went back to Denmark to visit, and had the chance to stock up on life essentials to bring back with us. Which, naturally, included a new sewing machine. A lovely second hand Husqvarna, no bells and whistles, just a simple, solid machine. Perfect.

Only, when I came to use it, I simply couldn't. It's like I was paralyzed by anxiety. What should I sew, now that I have a machine? Which fabric should I use? Looking around for inspiration was no use. Everyone I looked at is using the cutest, sweetest, latest offerings from big name fabric companies. Certainly not the loud, colourful kitenge fabric that inhabits my world.

And then I saw it. The inspiration I was looking for, in the form of the sweetest pattern. The butterfly dress by Sew What Club (have you heard of it? It's a monthly pattern membership). They were offering it as a free pattern when you sign up for the newsletter. As I'd already been contemplating signing up for a membership to the club, it seemed like a good place start.

Sweet, simple, and fast.

Lucy had been asking for a dress from this "turtle" fabric I picked up at the market the week we moved to Rwanda (a year and a half ago), so it seemed like a good idea to pair the two together.

It was quite a creative hurdle to get started sewing, but I did it. I started, and worked on it over two afternoons, taking my time to get the feel for sewing again (and my "new" machine), and to get the dress right.

"Hey, there's a pocket in here!"

And the result is simply adorable! Lucy loves it, and I do too.

It feels good to be sewing again, to take an idea and some fabric, and turn it into something useable. My hands are happy, and so is my heart!

"For you, mama!"

week in the life 2015 - sunday

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

 week in the life is a detailed look into an ordinary week right now, through pictures and words. inspired by ali edwards. you can see my other posts from 
this week here and all previous posts here

Sundays are for sleeping late and peeking into their room on the way past the door.

Sundays are for playing in your pyjamas with all the barbies, all by yourself.

Sundays are for filling the ant farm with dirt.

Sundays are for finding ants....with the usual audience.

Sundays are for watching the ants.

Sundays are for unusual family portraits.

Sundays are for coffee and chocolate biscuits my cousin sent from Australia.

Sundays are for relaxing, each in our own way.

Sundays are for barbies.

Sundays are for Lego.

Sundays are for creating.

Sundays are for projects.

Sundays are for catching up on the news.

Sundays are for relaxing alone, together.

Sundays are for playing games.

Sundays are for simple boiled egg lunches.

Sundays are for reading and playing and being together.

Sundays are for devotions.

Sundays are for climbing and singing as loudly as you can.

Sundays are for family movies (Smurfs 2, in case you're wondering).

Sundays are for making something different for dinner.

Sundays are for pancakes.

Sundays are for planning the school week ahead.

Sundays are for prepping the chalkboard the night before.

Sundays are for relaxing together in the evening with a cup of chai tea.

What a week! It's been an intense week of photo taking, memory recording and blogging, but, as always, it's so worth it. Seeing the mundane moments of our lives through the camera lens has been pretty amazing, and has helped me to see and appreciate what we have. As the week rolled on, I got inspiration from Ali for trying new angles with my photography and trying to see if the photo tells the story. The prompts for each day were also inspired by her. If you've never tried a project like this, I encourage you to give it a go, for a whole week or just a full day. Being able to look back on the little details of our days, at this moment in time, is so precious. I'm so thankful for this project!

week in the life 2015 - saturday

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

 week in the life is a detailed look into an ordinary week right now, through pictures and words. inspired by ali edwards. you can see my other posts from 
this week here and all previous posts here


Today I put on make up in anticipation of our trip to kigali. It's been so hot, and a day by the pool and away from our regular surroundings seems like the best way to enjoy the weekend.

Today I watched him help her brush her teeth. She is the last one that really needs help to get ready in the mornings, and I know that will change all too soon.

Today we walked up the hill to Ryabega Centre to catch the bus to Kigali. We left our car at home, as we're so tired of it having problems every time we go to Kigali, and we just wanted to have a relaxing day. As we got close to the bus stop, we saw the bus from Nyagatare approaching. Perfect timing.

Today we were lucky that we could sit beside each other on the bus. Today they enjoyed buying a lollypop from the vendors selling at each stop. Bus cost: 12,000 rwf (106kr/$16.50)

Today it was easy to find a taxi to take us to our destination for the day, The Mamba Club. Taxi cost: 4000 rwf (35kr/$5.50).

Today we jumped on the trampoline and enjoyed a popcorn snack while Far took a moto downtown to pick up a package that arrived for us. 


Today we enjoyed swimming in the cool pool while waiting for our new friends to arrive.

Today he sat in the shade and warmed up while everyone else was still in the pool.

Today we ate lunch together with our new friends, and got to know each other better.

Today she ran back and forth from the pool to the bowling alley, alternating between watching us bowl and sitting in the pool.

Today he did his best to bowl, and didn't do too badly. Today they were so amused by watching the pins being manually put up by the guys working in the back.

Today they swam and swam and swam with their new friends.

Today we sat in the shade, talking and watching them swim.


Today we waited, tired from our day at the pool, for our pizza to arrive. Today we were thankful for electronics and a good internet connection.

Today we ate overlooking Kigali city.

Today we enjoyed eating pizzas we'd "built" ourselves. Today we chuckled that our pizzas arrived before our starters.

Today cheetah was a ninja. Obviously.

Today we had to walk from the restaurant to a bigger road to look for a taxi, as the restaurant didn't have the number for a taxi. After a 10 minute wait one came past, but it was almost too much for a tired four year old to cope with.

Today she fell asleep in my arms on the bus ride home.

Today we were so happy to be able to have a day out, by the pool, with friends, even though it meant a 6 hour return trip.
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