The Lesson of Pain

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Yesterday I caught a cactus. It really hurt! Of course, I didn't realise it was a cactus until I had caught it. I knocked it off the windowsill at a friend's place, and caught it by instinct as it fell. My left hand was full of the little needles, both big and small. With the help of some tweezers, I managed to get them all out...or so I thought. This morning, when I woke up, I could tell that there were still some of the needles in my hand. The small, unseeable kind. And I started thinking, that these needles in my hand were like unforgiveness and bitterness. In my life I have often forgiven people for the hurts they caused, or wrongs done against me, but there have still been some small, unseeable hurts that have gone unnoticed. That is, until I have been in similar situations, or been hurt again by the same person. I have realised that there has been bitterness growing without me even being aware of it. Bitterness is ugly and I have become ugly too. Now I need to start the process of, like with the small unseeable cactus needles, cutting open the skin and getting the small hurtful needles of bitterness out. It is a long process and a painful process, but it is a completely necessary process. And one I can only walk through with God's grace and strength to help me.

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