As Strong as an Ox!

Friday, 1 June 2007

This week, on Tuesday, Alexander had his first visit to the Clinic Nurse, to check out how he has been growing and developing. The Clinic Nurse, Jorunn, was really impressed by how strong he is, and mentioned it several times. She said his physical development was advanced for his age. We were really proud :) He was also checked out by the doctor, and both were very happy with his development and growth.

Jorunn is trying to get Alexander to look up at her. Success!

Head circumference: 38.1cm (15inches), 35cm (13.8 inches) at birth. He measured 55cm (21 inches) long, from 49cm (19.3 inches) at birth.

Hmm...not sure about this weighing business! Current weight: 4460g (9.8lbs), birth weight 2780g (6lbs).

We were also treated by the visit of Maria and her mum, Mari Johanne, during our visit there. Maria was born the same day as Alexander, although their due dates were three weeks apart! She was born 8 days late, and he was born 15 days early, so they are quite different in size. In our local area, there are about 10-12 babies born a year (I know, shockingly few!), and it was very exciting for them at the clinic that our two babies were due so close together. What a surprise that they turned out to be born on the same day! The other family live in Lensvik (7 km from us), and have their clinic appointments the same day as us, so we can meet up. They are really nice and we look forward to getting to know them better!


  1. Hello again, Congrad's on the birth of your son it was so great to hear that you are all doig well. Get in touch when you can. Nic

  2. Tracey Laybutt4 June 2007 at 05:24

    How cute are these pics. I'm sure Alexander will love you forever for publishing them on the internet when he's older!!
    It's amazing how quickly he's grown.
    Did you ever have any doubt offspring of Fiona Coupland would not be advanced??!! Wait till he starts talking!!!!
    I'm so glad you have another new mum to talk to. They are such precious little bundles but at times can be slightly daunting to the best of us. Its good to have someone else going through the same experiences to bounce off. Enjoy your little man.
    Love to you all.


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