Who Had the Most Fun?!?

Monday, 2 July 2007

This last week we held a children's camp here at Eintrøa. This biggest hit from previous camps has been the four wheelers, which we have rented for the week. However, this year it wasn't possible to rent them. What a dilemma, especially as many boys come to the camp, and really love the four wheelers. Christian was praying for a solution, and got the idea to look at a website selling second hand stuff. He found these mini four wheelers, brand new, for 2500kr a piece (approx. $500 AUD), we bought two of them. The only problem....the engines needed to be run in before the kids could ride them. No worries! Christian volunteered to ride them in, and happily spent hours driving around and around on both four wheelers, sometimes getting help from others. What a terrible task! :) Christian really enjoyed himself, and the kids later had great fun riding them around the track.

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