Mmmm...mashed banana!!

Friday, 7 September 2007

What a jolly good idea! Alexander really enjoys sucking on a variety of objects. Christian decided to give him a banana, so he could have a different texture to explore. Well, our son's strong jaws soon crushed the end of the banana, and he started enjoyed the now mashed banana!

His first real food! He didn't really want to let go of this new found treasure, and thoroughly expressed his disappointment when he found out his yellow toy didn't taste the same as the banana! I think this will be a favourite food when he starts eating for real :)

Alexander and Christian!


  1. Det ser godt ud, Alenxander. Hilsen bedstefar

  2. He is so cute!!! I still think he looks like a mini dad. I am sorry I didn't get on sooner and post a comment but I have had that many assignments. I don't know if this is the right way to do it but here it is. I love you guys and it is so nice to be able to see pictures of you all on the net. Keep up the good work and I will hopefully chat with you later. Love Auntie Katie.


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