Wednesday, 24 October 2007

On Sunday, Alexander is going to be baptised in our local church. We have been deliberating over this for quite a long time, and eventually decided to go ahead and do it. So, he will be baptised in Ingdalen Chapel (a Lutheran church), which is in our local village, at 11 am on Sunday 28th October. He will wear the same baptism gown as Christian and all his siblings wore (hopefully it will fit...he's growing really fast!), which I think is quite cool. We'll have a bit of a party for our guests...some family members from Denmark, 2 from another part of Norway, around 10 locals, and the rest from the Eintroa community...about 40-45 in all. We're looking forward to it, and we've promised to take some photos (as if we wouldn't!), so you can look out for those at some future date.


  1. Hi Fiona and Christian,

    Sorry we couldn't be with you on this big day for little Alexander. We hope that you have a very happy day with lots of good memories. We will be thinking of you. Hope we can see you all soon. Can't belive 6 months has gone by since he was born! Remember you are always welcome to visit! :-)

    God bless.
    Love from Heather, Øystein and Naomi

  2. Thanks! It was a really lovely day. Hope you are all doing well. Love us three :)


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