A Really Lovely Day

Monday, 29 October 2007

Yesterday Alexander was baptised in Ingdalen Church. It was a really lovely day. Alexander handled the whole day really well, especially the actual baptism. He managed to fit the gown that Christian and all his siblings wore (with some last minute adjustments by his grandmother), which was really nice. It was great to have so many people to celebrate with us. There were six family members from Denmark - Christian's parents, three of his four siblings, and his grandmother - as well as 10 other guests from the local village and the area. The rest of the number were made up of the Eintrøa community. It was wonderful to celebrate it together!

With us and his godparents, our good friends and colleagues at Eintrøa; Evelina from Estonia, and Christian from Germany/Denmark/Switzerland ;)

Together with the priest, godparents, us, and Christian's family.

In his party clothes for the party afterwards, which was held at Eintrøa. Christian spent the last two weeks cooking and baking different things, which we froze and then reheated to provide a big buffet. The food was really delicious! (Mum, these are the little leather "boots" you gave him!)


  1. He is so beautiful!! I am glad you had a great day. Everyone looked really happy! I think you made a good choice with your godparents. I am sure they will uphold him in prayer, love and support as well as guide him in the ways of following Christ. I am sorry I was not there. You looked beautiful Noni! I liked your top! Keep smiling and we will see each other soon. Love, hugs and kisses, Katie. xoxoxoxo

  2. Whoops, I just realised that your 'top' is a dress!! It is beautiful too!! I am supposed to be studying for an exam and I guess I have left my brain behind there!! Love you all heaps and heaps and heaps, Katie. he he!

  3. Thanks Katie! We're also really looking forward to seeing you soon. Not long now...only a month away! Thanks for your lovely comments. It's wonderful to have your little messages on here! Alexander is very cute, isn't he? It's going to be great when you finally get to meet each other! Love, hugs and kisses, Noni xoxoxoxoxo


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