Winter comes to Eintrøa!

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Today it started snowing. Now it really feels like winter! It was also really cold, so we are especially looking forward to going to Australia for Christmas!

Alexander and I went outside in the early evening to play in the snow, together with the two girls who live on the base, Elisabeth and Kristine. They just happened to be building a snow fort in our garden! Hmmm....I wonder if they were hoping we would come out and play with them? :)

Alexander's first sled ride!


  1. Hej. Det ser rigtig hyggeligt ud, trods alt. Sikken forandring I kan se frem til.
    Kærlig hilsen

  2. How gorgeous does Alexander look dressed up in his winter woolies?!!
    Eskimo babies around the world eat there heart out...

  3. Ha ha! Yeah, he's a cute little teddy bear! We are totally going to sweat when we get down under! Talk about a change!
    Looking forward to it, though ;)

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  5. How cool that it snowed!! At least you get to enjoy a little snow before you come down to the heat. It is getting to around 34 degrees here every day already - and it is not even Summer yet!! You guys look great and I am really excited about your upcoming trip to Australia. See you soon!!!! Katie xoxoxo


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