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Saturday, 22 March 2008

Okay, okay, so I am really not that great at blogging. In fact, I'm terrible at it. But at least you get to hear from us now! We had a really great time in USA/Australia, and were in fact having such a great time that I just forgot about blogging. Okay, so that's only slightly true. My parents have a satellite internet connection, and it just takes forever to upload pictures, so I just didn't bother. Well, I'll just fill you in on all the details now!

We had a fun visit in Seattle, north-west USA, with my sister and her husband and three girls. Their youngest daughter is only 4 months older than Alexander, so they had fun playing together. It was nice to be in the USA (Christian's first visit) and to see what it's certainly helps us to understand our American friends a lot better! We also got the chance to catch up with Anna, so that was just super!

Then it was off to Australia, where we catching up with all the family and rellies (relatives), and lots ofhad a really great time, friends too. Alexander really loved being with all his cousins! The (almost) first thing we did when we got to Australia was to go on a family holiday to the beach...not bad after coming from the cold, dark, snowy north! Although it was windy, it was nice to relax on the beach and spend some time catching up with my three other sisters and their families, and my parents, as well as Christian's little sister Kirsten, and two of Katie's friends, Cornelia from Switzerland and Karianne from Norway. It was great fun!

Then it was Christmas, and all the family gathered at my parents' farm for a couple of mildly chaotic days. It was lots of fun, and only mildly stressful :) Alexander enjoyed opening his presents, but was quite overwhelmed by the amount of them! He got to ride on the pony with his cousin, sit in the spa with Grandma and all the cousins, and started crawling on the 3rd of January! You can see his first crawling attempts below (requires some patience to watch!;))

Alexander's other major events included:
- visiting the chiropractor, which was good because his neck and one hip were out of place and it really helped him to sleep much better :D
- learning to crawl up Grandma's stairs!
- spending a weekend alone with far (Dad), camping in a tent with a bunch of guys from the church on a "Lads and Dads" weekend, while I went to a women's conference!

All in all, we
had a great time! I'll post some more later! :)

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