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Saturday, 29 March 2008

Alexander has started walking. On Sunday, he took a couple of steps to Evelina, and since then has been gradually walking more and more. Now he chooses to walk from one place to another, even though he holds onto furniture most of the way, instead of crawling. He has become way more confident at walking! (I tried to put a video on here, but after an hour and a half, it still hasn't loaded...sorry!)

He has also turned into a crazy kamikaze monkey, throwing himself off things and launching himself at us. This morning he launched himself off our bed and onto the floor. The reason this was so amazing to us is that he can actually climb down from our bed, and normally does so successfully....just not today! He really enjoys doing things with his body and testing his strength, his spatial awareness and his physical abilities.

He has started sitting on a little chair at his little table, and likes sitting there eating his morning tea while I am doing things in the kitchen. It's really handy, because he doesn't fuss as much. Hooray!

He got a Wiggles DVD from his Auntie Lisa and family as an early birthday present, and he really enjoys watching it, so this morning I put it on, and had enough time to make buns for breakfast! I guess my perspective has changed, as I have been really against propping kids in front of DVDs..... :)

He can also reach higher than we thought. One morning, Christian put the porridge down on the table and went back to the kitchen to get something....this was how he found Alexander when he came back.....

The moral to the story...don't keep a hungry boy waiting!

Well, the baby has gone and we have a wonderful little boy in it's place. I put some of the Montessori activities from the preschool on Alexander's shelf, and he has really enjoyed exploring them.

His absolute favourite thing is the string of red wooden beads. He puts them on first thing every day, and they stay on pretty much the rest of the day. Very cute!

The other day we let him feed himself. This consisted of us loading his fork with pizza pieces, and him stuffing them into his mouth, followed by trying to stab anything (including my arm!) in his enthusiasm to get more on the fork! He had a great time, and really enjoyed feeding himself. What a mess! The only thing is, he wants to do it every time now! :)

Fun in the snow! Prince Alexander, getting dragged around by his two admiring playmates, Elisabeth and Kristine. What a life! He certainly loves the speed he gets on this thing! Finally, the snow has started to melt, and it actually feels like spring! Yippee! :)

Well that's about it for the Alexander update. Next time I'll write something about the rest of us... ;)

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