The Mystery of Noah and Mrs. Noah

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Noah and his wife are missing. I mean, really missing. When Alexander started playing with the Noah's Ark, the first thing he did was to take out Noah and Mrs Noah and throw them away. Then one day Mrs Noah went missing. We couldn't find her anywhere. Then, the next day, Noah went missing. When we ask Alexander where they are, he just grins at us. Hmmm..... Anyway, today we searched the apartment. I mean, it's only 35m2...there's not that much ground to cover. We looked everywhere - under the couch, under the couch cushions, in our shoes, in drawers, under the bed, in the bin....anywhere Alexander might have hidden it or posted it. Well, they weren't found. So, it's still a mystery.....


  1. You have been really good at blogging:)
    Nice to see pictures of your family!

  2. Thanks :)
    I've been trying hard!! Hope you're well.

  3. Hey, where did that cheeky boy hide Mr and Mrs Noah??? I bet you didn't check the bin, did you!!! I am sorry I have been MIA the last couple of months. Hermitsville has struck again and I have been hiding out in my room for a while. It is insanely busy at Uni too. I am very stressed. I had a good laugh at your family and miss you all so much. All my love, hugs and kisses,
    Auntie Katie.

  4. Sorry, I just reread the blog and realised that you did check the bin!! Maybe they went on a long holiday! You know how tiring it can be to hang out with animals all the time. Kisses to all, Auntie Katie.


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