Farewell Eintrøa, Hello Denmark

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

The time arrived for us to say goodbye to Eintrøa (if you didn't know this, by the way, we are leaving Eintrøa and moving to Denmark ;)) and pack our little flat together for the big move to Denmark. That time arrived last weekend, and we packed all our stuff into a large van and drove down to Denmark. We had a nicely uneventful trip, with a lovely stop over south of Oslo to see our friends, the Brudelis. It was really exhausting, though. We spent the last week trying to catch as much sleep as possible whenever we had the chance. Which wasn't that often, seeing as how Alexander is the energizer bunny, and he woke up every morning at 5.30am and would NOT go back to sleep, and ran around touching everything all day every day, with only a short nap in between (I got a bit of a nap in too). It's all just too exciting for him. Apart from all that excitement, it's been very good to have some time to settle in. Here in Denmark it was a long weekend this last weekend, so we really enjoyed having three days together, catching up after Christian being away from us for a month. We are staying with Christian's parents, which has been good...they really enjoy having Alexander around for a while (and us too, of course!), and he enjoys being with them...as long as I am still within eyeshot! The weather here last week was just amazing, with beautiful warm, sunny days in the high 20's and not much wind...real summer weather. We have really enjoyed it, and Alexander especially enjoys that he can go outside without having to put more clothes on! He runs out, and in, and out, and in, and out, and....you get the idea!

We bought a house in Vejle, which is a city in south eastern Jutland (the big pointy bit sticking up, that's connected to Germany...for my geographically challenged friends ;)). It's really cute.....which is the perfect description of it, because it's small. But it suits us well, and doesn't cost as much as something bigger (naturally), so we can afford it. However, our wonderful cute little house is still occupied, and will be until 1st October. So we can't move in until then, unless the dear old lady who lives there gets the apartment she's waiting for sooner. So, we'll see when we actually get it. Anyway, as much as we like Christian's parents, 5 months is quite a long time to live with them, so we have been trying to figure out another option. Christian's parents have some friends who own a whole bunch of apartments in Vejle, so Christian's mum Ellen asked them if any were free (as in not occupied, not as in no cost ;)), but none of them are. But in that group of apartments is a guest apartment, which can be rented for up to three months. We can rent that until our house is ready, even though it will be longer than three months, and we can move in whenever we like. Great! Even better than that is that it costs only a couple of hundred kroner more each month than what we paid for our apartment at Eintrøa, which wasn't much. Fantastic! We plan on moving there in 2 weeks time or so.

God has been really faithful to us. When we were praying about moving to Denmark, we felt that we should try and buy a place in Vejle, even though we don't really know the city and know only one couple living there. But it was just so expensive to buy something, unless we didn't mind buying a one bedroom apartment, so we were looking at places around Vejle. We were pretty set on buying a house in another town, and Christian went to the bank and got it all approved, when our little house popped up on the market...the day before Christian went to buy the other house. So, he went to look at it, and we talked about it, and both really felt that we should try and buy it, because we felt we should live in Vejle. It came down to the bidding round, and....we won! Yay! Then we didn't know where to live in the meantime, and now we have a great solution for where to live! The whole way through, God has been speaking to us about just trusting Him, and it has really been a great lesson in that, especially for me. I have just felt a wonderful peace about everything (which is not normal for me), and Christian has too, and it has been a great experience. I was quite worried and scared about leaving Eintrøa, with our friends and the wonderful fellowship we have there, and coming to something unknown, and to a lifestyle we have not had for 6 years, and never together as a couple/family. But God has proven to be really faithful, and that's been such a wonderful experience and testimony. I feel pretty relaxed now, and even though the issue of me finding a job has yet to come up, with all that implies, including day care for Alexander, I can trust in Him who has proven to be so trustworthy and wait on Him to show me the right job, at the right time, and the right solution for day care for Alexander. I'm really thankful for that!

Ok, that's enough rambling for one day. I'll put some pictures on later, because I just couldn't be bothered doing it right now. Have a good day!


  1. Hej I kære 3.
    Jeg synes det er fantastisk at høre om hvordan Gud bare har sørget for jer her i jeres flyt til Danmark. Glæder mig til at være sammen med jer i weekenden og høre mere. Guds fred Thomas

  2. Congrats on getting a house. I am now the only homeless whelp left!!! I hope it turns out to be all you have dreamed about. All my love, hugs and kisses, Katie.

  3. Thanks :)
    I hope it all turns out well too. Miss you Katie! Hope you're doing well. How did it work out with the nunnery? Could you get a room there?
    Love Fiona.

  4. Hi Darlings,
    It is wonderful news that you bought a house. I am glad that you feel so positive about it and God is looking after you. It was lovely to see the photos os Alexander. I hope you are having a great adventure. Everything is great here. I just bought a 2nd hand kitchen for the cottage for only $350. Love and kisses for all,
    Love always,

  5. Thanks Shells! Do you have a blog? Great bargain hunting, I'll bet Mike was happy ;)
    We miss you lots. It's always hard to adjust to a new place. Hopefully it will get easier. Give everyone hugs and kisses from me/us.
    Love Fiona

  6. Faster Kirsten!!27 May 2008 at 02:23

    Hej med jer alle 3!
    Håber I har det godt i Vejle, og at I bliver glade for at bo i Vejle! Dejligt at se alle de billeder af Alexander, og høre om alt det sjov og ballade han laver! Også dejligt at høre at Gud har været med jer i flyttet til Danmark/Vejle. Glæder mig til at se jer igen og give jer alle et rigtig dejligt knus!
    Kram (Faster) Kirsten!


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