Just Another (not so ) Ordinary Saturday!

Saturday, 26 July 2008

This morning I woke up to a very happy little boy, carrying a bowl of fruit salad and yoghurt to me where i lay in bed. Aaawwwwww, that's sweet! He then came in carrying a cup of coffee in a lidded thermal cup (no spills!), tripped on the door jamb and cried the last metre or so over to me. Everything was alright again, though, when he got to share my fruit salad. Yum! Thanks Christian ;)

Today, of course, is not just any ordinary Saturday. Today we got the keys to our new house!! We were supposed to get them on the 1st of October, then we found out we could have them on 1st August. Last week we found out that we could get them today! Hooray! So, we got on our bikes and rode up to our new house in the gorgeous summer weather that we are (finally!) having here. It was so beautiful, and so QUIET compared to living downtown!! Alexander had fun exploring the house while we adults did all the boring stuff. After the former owner had left, and we were alone in the house, we heard Alexander calling us from the back area of the house. We finally went out to see what he was up to......he had climbed up the "stairs" (basically a ladder) on his own and was stuck at the top! Good thing we came when we did.

Such a little adventurer!!

Our lovely little house. We are really looking forward to moving in next Saturday!! Well, today is such a beautiful day, I can't sit here at the computer all day... ;)


  1. Hei Merrilds! So kjekt å lese litt på bloggen dåkka! Vi tenker på dåkke! Har ikkje visst at de hadde blogg før, eller har glømt det, so skal snart verte aktiv lesar! Eg sitt sammen med Lillian heime hos henne og drikke smoothie og skal sjå film med henne. Deilig å vere litt på besøk. :) De må ha ein fortsatt god sommar! (Fiona, eg hadde so lyst å komme oppom til Eintrø då du var der, men hadde ikkje tid.) Enjoy Danmark

  2. Hi,

    It looks so nice and warm over there!! I am so pleased you have the keys to your new house and are settling in. I can't believe how big Alexander is!! I am missing you all and would love to hear from you. I have completed the first two weeks of my prac and all is going well. Only 7 weeks of my degree left!! I love you all heaps and heaps,


  3. Rebecca Papavgeris12 December 2008 at 11:04

    I have just dicovered your blog, what a beautiful house. Are you still living there? It looks like it has a lovely garden. I hope you are all well.


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