Summer Snapshots

Friday, 31 July 2009

This year we thought we would stay close to home, instead of having a summer holiday anywhere else, with a baby on the way. It turns out that we have actually had a really great summer so far and have done heaps of stuff. Here are a few snapshots from the last 2 months.

Summer is:

Visiting Legoland

Going to the zoo, where we bought a season pass...

...and bringing friends along.
Travelling to Norway (Kristiansand) for the wedding of YWAM friends...
...enjoying the Norwegian coastline....
....and catching up with old friends.
Enjoying the visits of friends in our home.

Eating icecream....yum!
Watching Tour de France.
Learning new tricks
Hanging out at home
Enjoying the bounty of our garden
Backyard swimming (actually, this is our front yard)
Getting ready for the new baby
Spending time with family

Building on our house

Family weekends together

So far, as I'm sure you will agree after seeing all those pictures, it's been a great summer. Here's looking forward to August and all the joy it will bring!


  1. Flot billedserie. Dejligt at se.

  2. Wow det må jeg nok sige Alexander, Fiona og Christian! I har da noget at lave meget :) Ser rigtig hyggeligt og dejligt ud, og hvor ser Alexander dog dejlig ud :) Glæder mig også til det dejlige august brunger med sig. Jeg er lige flyttet og er ved at komme på plads så småt, skolestart og så en lille ny nevø eller niece.. Det er da en spændene måned :) Glæder mig til at høre mere fra jer om den lille ny. Kram faster Kirsten!

  3. It looks like you guys had an amazing summer! Beautiful pics!!

  4. I love love love the shaving pics~ Boys want to go to lego land!! *hugs*


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