The Waiting Game

Saturday, 25 July 2009

(taken 10th July 09)
The countdown has started...only 8 days until the due date! We are mostly ready for the arrival of our little one....tiny clothes have washed, folded and put away, a cradle has been crammed into the corner of our bedroom, and the neccesary items have been purchased. However, I'm not sure if I'm totally ready. Honestly, I am really nervous about the birth. It was a very long and exhausting experience with Alexander, so I am not at all looking forward to going through that again. If you would remember me/us in your prayers, I would certainly appreciate that! Thanks. Keep posted for news in the next few weeks ;)


  1. Jeg tænker på jer og ber for jer!!! Håber I nyder det og glæder jer til den lille ny er født! Det gør jeg i hvert fald, men det er selvfølgelig også nemmere for mig end for jer... ;)


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