Life with Isabel

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Our sweet Isabel is now 9 days old, and we are enjoying her lots. She has very quickly become part of the family, and Alexander has accepted her really well. She's a real darling...she eats and sleeps well, and is generally very content. She doesn't even react when Alexander runs through the house shouting, or plays with his fire engine right beside her...or even when his hugs are a little too rough! We sure love this precious little girl!

Alexander pressing the button so that Isabel can hear the music (and he can dance! Check out the video at the bottom :) )
Evenings with Isabel are a really nice time to relax and just enjoy her.

First bath. Alexander likes to be part of everything that's going on!
Some quality time with Alexander while Isabel is napping.
Giving Isabel love!
Isabel watching while Alexander and Far play with his cars and Duplo blocks.
A visit from her grandparents, who were loaded down with gifts!
Mummy and her little girl.
Waking up after naptime. Hmmm...who is that in your bed, Mummy? The day after Isabel was born.
There's space for two on the change table!
Alexander watches in fascination as Isabel gets a new nappy.

Alexander and Christian, dancing to Isabel's music.

Life is very good!


  1. hvor ser det bare dejligt ud.. glæder mig til at besøge den dejlige familie igen en gang når der er tid og overskud :)

  2. Thankyou for sharing your beautiful photos Fiona. I am so happy for you all, and I am glad everything is going so well. Keep us updated! Much love from Bec, Martin, Tim and Abby


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