Simple is Beautiful

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Today I have thinking alot about my life and how complicated it feels. So I have decided that I want to simplify my life. Like, alot. There is something so beautiful in the simplicity of life. A single flower in a little glass vase. The beauty of candlelight flickering in a darkened room. The smiles and laughter of my family as we play a simple game of animal lotto. Sure, we can accumulate lots of stuff, pursue amazing experiences, seek sources of entertainment...but does it make us any happier? I'm not so sure. Not for me, at least. I have certainly felt the shift in my own life and heart since we moved from the simplicity of life in rural Norway to the busyness of city-life in Denmark. That all familiar Keeping-up-with-the-Joneses/I-want-what-they've-got mentality sometimes threatens to consume me. I really don't want to have it, but I see that I do, and it's such poison. It makes me unsatisfied with what I have, steals my creativity and my ability to see potential in small things, and generally saps my joy. Well, enough is enough. I don't want it anymore. I want a simple life. I don't want what everyone else has got. Sure, they might have cool stuff, but they also have lots of stress and busyness in their lives. Everyone wants to slow down and just breathe, but nobody will take the time to just do it, because they are ruled by their lifestyle. Not me. At least, that's my desire. I want my choices in life to reflect who I am and what I believe is important, not just what's momentarily popular. Because we all know something else will be popular next month. No wonder everyone is tired all the time, me included! It's exhausting keeping up with what's popular, what's cool, what everyone else has got. And there's no satisfaction in it either, because as soon as you've got it, they've got something else. Well, I'm done with that now. I just want a simple life. So, as of now, I am going on a journey to simplify my life, and you are invited to join me.

See you around in blog world.


  1. Takk for oppmuntringen!:)Har også startet på et slikt prosjekt..nydelig blomst.. Nå lurer du kanskje på hvem jeg er? Elisabeth Alsvik (Eintrøa..). Har rett som det er vært inne på bloggen deres, men ikke etterlatt spor før.. Gratulerer så mye med veslejenta!! Så gøy å se bilder av dere og barna:)
    Vi har også ei lita jente nå, Linnea på 15 måneder:)Nå venter jeg spent på at hun og Jarle skal komme hjem. De har vært borte i helga mens jeg har jobbet. Første gang jeg er borte fra henne, rart!
    Klem fra meg!

  2. Så gøy å høre fra deg! Gratulerer med deres lite jente! Det var så fint å se kommentaren din. Gå det bra med dere? Hils Jarle fra oss!

    Klem Fiona


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