December 12th

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day...clear blue sky and warm weather. A friend came over to help Mum and Dad and brought his 5 year old son, Jacob, so he could play with Alexander. Alexander was soooooo happy to have a playmate, that he just followed him around the entire day.
After conquering the fort, it was time to hang up Christmas lights under the roof of the carport. Christian had, of course, two little helpers....
...and one tiny admirer :)
Can't wait to see those lights tonight!!!
Then it was time to just be together as a family and enjoy each other's company.Best of all was Grandad coming outside to play with the ball right before bathtime :)

Another lovely day in December....although the second day in a row where we have not gotten around to hanging up Christmas decorations! Maybe tomorrow?
Have a good day. I'm going to go hang out with my Dad ;)

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  1. Det lyder som en herlig dag.. :) Håber du fik hygge dig med din far ;) Hehe det med ikke lige at nå det hele er vidst meget normalt på farmen.. ;) Eller i hvert fald ikke at nå det når man gerne vil.. ;) Håber I hygger jer og nyder varmen. Hils endelig omkring dig!

    Kram Kirsten

    Hej Alexander!
    Lyder til at du har haft en dejlig dag med Jacob, det er jo fantastisk :) Håber du nyder det dernede. Faster Kirsten glæder sig i hvert fald til at hører spændene historier om jeres tid i Australien ved Gandma og Granddad:)
    Kram faster Kirsten!


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