December 13th

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

At last, we finally got around to decorating the Christmas tree and the house! It was lots of fun...we put on Christmas music and pulled out all the decorations from the box. Alexander really enjoyed putting the different decorations on the tree, which was lots of fun, because he wasn't really interested last year.

He got a bit of help from Far to put the high decorations up.

Christian got into the spirit of it and hung up tinsel in the lounge room, while my dad hung up Christmas lights on the house. We got loads of decoration done, but then we were all exhausted and ready for a nap. The heat really takes it out of you!
Mum found her big train set and we put it up in the lounge room. There's something about trains that I identify with Christmas...don't know where that comes from. Alexander totally loved it, and wanted to play with it ALL the time! We might have to look out for an electric train set we can set up each Christmas ;)

Love the train driver's hat, Christian!
You may have noticed Alexander's lack of pants or shorts in today's pictures....we have started toilet training him! He is doing really well at it so far, and it helps alot that it's hot enough to run around without any pants on :)

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  1. Åååh så dejligt med julepynt..! Dejligt billede med Christian og børnene..! Held og lykke med toilet træningen..!


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