December 14th...the rest of the story

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

It seems I left a big chunk of the story of today out in my last post. A story that's definitey worth remembering.Alexander is seriously confused about Christmas. I explained to him, before we left Denmark, that Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus essence, Jesus' birthday party. When we decorated the house and the Christmas tree, he got very excited and started talking about it being a party, a birthday party. I told him (again) that it was a party to celebrate Jesus being born, his birthday, but that he would have to wait a bit longer. Anyway, amongst the decorations my Mum has is a bunch of Santa Claus figures in different sizes, but there is one particularly big one. When she put it out, Alexander ran over to it, pointed and said, "Jesus!". Whoops! So I tried to patiently explain that it wasn't Jesus, it was Santa Claus. After a couple of repeats, I thought he understood. Katie and I drove into town with Isabel and Alexander so I could buy some essentials....summer clothes and nappies! Of course, the different shops in town have window displays, with lots and lots of Santas. Every time we walked past one, Alexander would point to it and say, "Jesus!". The poor child. He really thinks that Santa is Jesus!

In the midst of writing this story, Alexander commented once again on it being a party for Jesus, and pointing to a picture of Santa and calling him Jesus. I took him over to the small, china nativity set on display in the lounge room and explained the whole story to him again, about how Jesus was born and the shepherds came to worship him, and the three wise men came to worship him with presents, and how we celebrate that he was born because he is the son of God. Hopefully he will understand, although it's hard to understand when there are pictures and fígures of Santa Claus everywhere instead of Jesus!

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  1. Fiona du er virkelig god til at skrive.. Jeg kan virkelignemt forestille mig Alexander pege på julemænd og sige Jesus.. Må ærligt indrømme at je grinede min vej igennem denne historie..! Det er nu lidt sjovt og sødt.. Men håber da også at jeg har forstået det nu selv om det er svært at finde hoved og hale i..!


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