December 15th (continued)

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Alexander and Auntie Katie went down to visit the horses late in the afternoon. Alexander loved looking at the sheep and meeting Chocolate the Alpaca, and was particularly fascinated with the "broken car" they walked past. At first he was apprehensive around the horses, but after feeding Thunder the pony some bread off his hand, he was a pro!
Thanks for a fun afternoon, Auntie Katie!


  1. I'm looking at Alexander in his t-shirt and think: wow! that must be cold... But then I realize that it's summer where you're at...

    Love your December Daily! Looks like you're having a great time with your family. Say hi to Christian from me!

    Hugs from Lilli Pilli Viking Woman ;)

  2. Hej Fiona!
    Det ser ud til at de havde en hyggelig eftermiddag sammen! Og det ser dejligt varmt ud. :-) Doug og jer er fanget i Christiansfeld på grund af sne, så måske vi får en hvid jul i år ;-)

    Hi Katie,
    It looks like you are enjoying the time with Alexander :-) Hope you have fun with them all. I miss you lots.


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