December 16th

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Today my dear friend Tracey came out to the farm with her three children for morning tea and a swim in the pool. It was really, really hot! I thought I was going to melt, and it seems Isabel felt much the same way. After her morning nap, she was really fussy (which is quite unusual for her) until we got into the pool. Then she just leaned back against the blown up chair my mum found for her and relaxed. She was so content! Even when the other children started to complain that the water was getting cold, she was as happy as a pig in mud! She's a real water baby :)
The spa was the ideal way to warm up after swimming in the cold water!
Awwww....such a cute picture! Isabel with her lovely Auntie Katie :)

We went outside to enjoy the Christmas lights tonight, and it was so lovely to see how they light up the night sky. Alexander gets so excited by all the lights, and it's a little bit hard to get him to bed at night, but it's so much fun, because I can still remember the excitement I felt as a child when I saw all the Christmas lights, and that it meant that Christmas had nearly arrived!

We are off to Sydney tomorrow to see the Wiggles in concert and have a little holiday together. I'll write again on the weekend. See you in a few days!


  1. Det ser ud til I hygger jer. Dejligt at kunne følge lidt med. Tak for skønne billeder og tekst

  2. Dejligt med en tur i poolen og spaen til at blive varmet lidt op igen :) Håber I nyder det i Sydney og at Alexander bliver glad for at være til koncert med The Wiggles :-) Men det er han sikkert ellevild med :-)

  3. Kære alle 4.
    Hvor er det dejligt at kunne følge med i jeres tur. Håber I lige nu har nogle gode dage i Sydney.

    Kærlig hilsen


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