December 2nd

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Today we went to playgroup. Alexander really enjoys going there and playing with the other children, and I really enjoy having a chance to chat with other mums while Alexander is occupied. Win-win situation for everyone :)

After hearing the story of Christmas and Jesus' birth, the children were allowed to play with the nativity set.

Alexander really enjoyed playing with it, especially with the donkey and camel. He kept trying to find someone who could hold baby Jesus, so he wouldn't have to lay by himself in the manger, but the little people's arms don't move, so in the end he just put him in the house. The funniest part was when he took Joseph and put him on the roof of the stable and said, "Far build on the roof"! I wonder where he got that from?!? ;)

I love that nativity set...I wonder where we can get one?

Then he had the chance to colour in his own wooden nativity set in lots of beautiful colours. Well, it was mostly yellow and orange, but the point is that he really enjoyed making his own. What a great day!

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  1. Nååååh hvor sødt.. han er nu altså en rigtig herlig dreng! Ham kan I sagtens være stolte af :) Og som du siger det er da lige meget med hvilke farver han gav, bare han hyggede sig med det og havde det sjovt :)


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