December 6th

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Today was a day for getting all the packing done and trying to squeeze in some relaxation and family time in somewhere! Alexander was just soooooo excited about the boat that he got, that he just wanted to keep building on it. So it was the first call of the day. Unfortunately, he was really tired after being up so late last night, that he just couldn't cope with waiting for the right pieces and kinda lost it a couple of times. So the boat had to go away.After naptime, though, he was feeling a little better...especially when he saw all the goodies we had put out on the table. He got a little present to celebrate the second Sunday of Advent...just some things for the trip...and then he enjoyed playing with his big boat (Christian finished building it while he was sleeping).

He was also REALLY excited about the DUPLO toys Isabel got for her Christmas present, and asked all morning if he could play with it. I told him he and Isabel could play with it together when she woke up, and it was so cool to see them playing together! Lots of good times ahead ;)

I love how Isabel is looking so intensely at the little lady zookeeper. She enjoyed sitting with Alexander and "playing" with him!
Now it's time to head off to bed...time to get a good night's sleep before our big, long trip tomorrow.

I don't know when I'll get online again...see you in a couple of days!


  1. Hvor ser det herligt ud, og det ser da godt nok ud til at I fik tid til noget afslapning og hygge tid sammen inden den lange rejse. Og hvor herligt at se at Alexander og Isabel leger sammen, glæder mig til hun bliver ældre og til at lege sammen med dem begge to. Det er nogle fantastisk herlige unger I har jer Fiona! Dem kan I godt være stolte af. Og så sødt det er med billedet af isabel der kigger på dyrepasseren.

  2. Dejligt at gaverne gjorde lykke :-) Og skønt at de begge kan lege sammen! Dejlige familie billeder. Håber I snart ankommer sikkert og godt til Australien!


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