The Great Catch Up...December 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th

Friday, 11 December 2009

It's time for the great catch up.....time to do the last 5 days all at once. Lots has happened, so I'll try to keep it brief.

December 7th...our bags were packed and we were ready to go at 10.30am when our friend Mikael came to pick us up and drove us to the train station.

The train took us all the way to the airport in Copenhagen and was a really pleasant journey. Travelling by train is so relaxing...except when you have to change trains with two small children and a ton of luggage!! Fortunately there was a really nice man on the train who helped us with our luggage.

Once we had checked our baggage in, it was time to just wander round the airport and wait for our flight. There was a big energy display built out of LEGO in the airport, which was just perfect for keeping Alexander entertained.
December 8th...Our first flight from Copenhagen to London was delayed (because they didn't have any pilots!!), and when we got to London we found out that the bassinet we had booked for Isabel had been given to someone else. Major disappointment! But it worked out alright in the end as both Alexander and Isabel slept well and Christian and I did too. It was so much fun being with Alexander and seeing his excitement over everything in the plane. He especially enjoy playing games with Far and watching movies!Isabel did really well sleeping in our arms, although she normally doesn't like to be held while she's sleeping. On the second leg of the flight (from Hong Kong to Sydney) they managed to find a bassinet for us so we could put Isabel in there while she was sleeping. Ironically, she only wanted to sleep in my arms! Ha ha ha!! My absolute favourite moment was when Christian, Alexander and Isabel were all sleeping....I had one arm around Alexander as he lay against the arm of my chair, and the other arm around Isabel as she lay in my lap, and their heads were right next to each other on the same pillow. It was such a sweet, beautiful moment.December 9th...we arrived in Sydney on a beautiful sunny day, feeling quite rested (remarkably!). We had booked a flight from Sydney to Canberra so we didn't have to drive so far, and it just worked out so well for us. We freshened up at the airport... ...and spent our time waiting looking at the planes. "Little planes", as Alexander called them!
The flight to Canberra was only 50 minutes or so. It felt like nothing after all those long flights. Finally, we had arrived! My sister Katie met us at the airport, and it was such a happy reunion!
Katie had to go back to work, so we drove ourselves to Mum and Dad's farm, where Mum was waiting excitedly to see us.

Grandma thought Isabel was just gorgeous (naturally!) and that she looks alot like I did when I was a baby :)
December 10th...Alexander could remember a lot about the farm and remembered Grandma too (which made her very happy!). He fell out of bed the first night and hit his head really hard on the bedside table and got a huge egg on his head, so he got a little band-aid on his head to make it all better. He really enjoyed running around the farm looking at everything and saying hello to all the animals.
Then it was off to town (Young) to do some grocery shopping for supplies. I love this shopping trolley with space for my two littlies!
To end the day, there was the most beautiful sunset. Simply gorgeous!

December 11th...Today was a great day, filled with fun stuff that I didn't capture with my camera...playing with the dog, throwing the ball outside, jumping on the trampoline, feeding the chickens, building a train track and just playing.
It was classic watching Alexander...he found this little ladder and put it up against the chair, then climbed up it and started "fixing" the laptop with the plastic tools!

The best part was saying hello to Grandad when he got home for the weekend! (check out those ears!!)

More to come tomorrow :)


  1. Hej. Dejligt at se at jeres tur til Australien gik fint - og lyder til at være meget bedre end forventet!
    Håber I får en dejlig weekend og nyder også at bruge tid med Auntie Katie og Grandad! Stort knus til jer alle fra faster Marianne

  2. Hej alle sammen!
    Lyder til at jeres tur derned gik meget bedre end forventet! Det er dejligt at høre :) Og glæder mig over Alexanders gensynsglæde :)Jeg får I får en fantastisk tid der nede, og glæder mig til at følge med her på bloggen!
    Jeg har været til skriftlig matematik eksamen i dag og tror det gik godt, får min karakter om en måned, altså d. 11. januar, så der er lang ventetid. Skal så til mundtlig eksamen på mandag, bliver spændene.
    Giv alle et kæmpe kram fra mig og nyd tiden Down under!
    Kram og kys fra faster Kirsten!

  3. Hej alle sammen. Dejligt at se, at jeres tur gik godt. Spnændende at følge med i. Du er virkelig god til at fortælle og tage billeder, Fiona. Også dejligt at se billederne fra dagen hos os. Hils omkring dig. Kærligst Ellen

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