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Saturday, 20 February 2010

We celebrated Christian's 30th Birthday....Happy Birthday Babe!! Waiting for birthday guests to arrive.
Hitting the "Fastelavn" barrel....
...until all the lollies fall out!
Christian's surprise was a round of bowling and dinner for the whole family. We had lots of fun!

Alexander's first time bowling. High fives with Faster Marianne!

Plenty of willing babysitters ;)

Here we go, buddy!

Strike! Yay! (those buffers are awesome!)
Fastelavn celebration at playgroup. Fastelavn is a Danish holiday where the children dress up and hit a barrel until lollies come out. It occurs right before Lent (40 days before Easter).

Our little Ladybird, Isabel :)

Fireman Alexander! (thanks for the costume, Auntie Lisa!)

Reading books...lots of inside time lately
Sibling love ;)
Being creative, with my *new* old typewriter found in a second hand shop!

Isabel is now sitting up!
Playing out in the snow
Alexander being creative ;)
Learning to knit, thanks to You Tube (I know, I've got crazy was late!)

More creativity ;)
Alexander has been doing the Montessori activities I made for him (more on that at a later date)
Isabel has been exploring everything
Alexander practises pouring
Isabel enjoys food...real food!!
Our budding little photographer, copying Mummy

Playing in the snow...again!
Snow, snow, and more snow. Looks a bit like Narnia, I think!

We have also spent most of the last 5 weeks trying to recover from the bombardment of winter coughs, colds and viruses that hit us when we got home. Fun, fun. Hopefully it's all over now!
Hope you are all well, whether you've got snow and cold temperatures, or you're enjoying the last days of summer!!!


  1. Hvor er det nogle rigtig gode billeder!!! Håber at I alle er ved at være friske og at vi snart ses igen. Det var i hvert fald rigtig hyggeligt sidste søndag!! Kram faster Kirsten!!!

  2. Hi Fiona, I visited your website :-) It was so nice to see all those pictures. Now I know how your new "old" typewriter and camera looks :-)). I saw a little bit of the upstairs as well because of the fastelaven picturea but I look forward to see more.
    Miss you all


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