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Friday, 12 February 2010

Ok, so we have been home in Denmark for three weeks now. We came home to a heap of snow and very cold weather. Cold, but nice. Especially when the sun shines. Anyway, since we got home we have been sick. One after the other....Alexander, Isabel, Alexander again, and Christian and I plodding along with stuffed up heads and coughs. Ahh, the joys of winter! It's been nice to be home, but also a difficult settling in process....the returning to ordinary life. We miss the sun, the warmth and, most importantly, our family. It was a really lovely visit, but visits cannot drag on forever!
The last week has been an especially difficult one, especially for me, as we have had quite a few changes in our financial situation, which has led me to re-examine my options in regards to working or staying home. Right now I am trying to find ways to earn money without having to put our kids into daycare (working nights or evenings, or working from home). It hasn't been an easy process, but it's been good to be reminded that it's ultimately God who is our provider, and He will provide the right opportunity for us. So, hopefully something will work out soon!

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  1. Good yo "heer from you". Wondered a bit if something was wrong since it`s a long time since you have blogged.
    It`s hard to lack money..(been there..) Can in..(oppmuntre)you with that for me it works very well to work evenings and weekends-as long as it`s not that many evenings. For some months now I have worked around 4 days a weeek, but have now decided to try 3 days. It`s ..slitsomt.. when life almost only is about caring for kids and working..
    But.. I am not you, and I have only one kid.
    I hope this was a bit incouraging(oppmuntrende) and that you understand me trying to write english..
    Greetings from Elisabeth


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