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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Conversation this morning....
(Me to Alexander) "Do you want to get out of your pyjamas?"
(Alexander) "No...Go Fish!"

We have been...
  • Playing lots of games (including Go Fish!)
  • Sick (again!). We've all had some kind of virus...the latest victim is Alexander, with a super high fever and lethargy
  • Enjoying our new bedrooms upstairs and the beautiful new stairs Christian put up
  • Decorating for Easter and getting ready for both Easter celebrations and two upcoming birthdays (mine and Alexanders)
  • Playing with DUPLO a in, ALL the time!
  • Looking forward to the arrival of warmer weather
  • Enjoying the tiny spring flowers that are popping up in our garden, thanks to the diligent former owner
  • Watching lots of "Bolt", "Toy Story" and "Ratatouille"....and yes, I am getting tired of them!
  • Looking forward to a five day holiday over Easter...yippee!

Hope you have a great day :)

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