Friday, 23 April 2010

"Good morning, Mummy!"
Garbage day. Always fun at our house :)
Fresh laundry drying in the breeze. Lovely!
Rain. Again. Where is the gorgeous spring weather from last week?
What a great game...catch Mummy's hair (and pull as hard as you can!)
More laundry!
Yum! Quiche for dinner
An evening grocery trip with my boy
Self portrait with Mummy's old camera :)
Cuddles with Far. She has been really fussy and wouldn't sleep. Turns out she has cut her first tooth :)
Today was really exhausting and not at all how I thought it would be. Again, very little sleep at night, and a fussy baby all day. Alexander stayed home from Kindy (Legestuen) because he's coughing too much to go (so they told me last time). Normally Isabel and I go to our Mother's Group on Thursdays, but we couldn't take Alexander along, and the Mum holding it changed it from morning tea to lunch, which simply wouldn't work for us anyway. To top it off, Alexander decided not to have an afternoon nap, so the short break I thought I would have simply didn't happen. All in all, though, it was a really nice day. It ended up being really long, because Isabel woke up an hour after we put her to bed and wouldn't go back to sleep. In the end I brought her back downstairs, so she sat with us until we went to bed. It was a full on day, being surrounded by children from early morning to late at night! Thank goodness it's Friday tomorrow!


  1. Hvor dejligt et billede af Christian og Isabel om morgenen.. :) Håber at børnene snart får det bedre.. :)

  2. Hang in there - hope Friday was better...
    -and congrats to Isabel on her first tooth - can't believe she's already there! Wow how time flies!


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