Friday, 23 April 2010

Our new coffee machine...sweet!
"Mummy, I am upset. Would you PLEASE stop taking pictures of me and pick me up?" "Thank you. Oooooo....Mummy's camera is within reaching distance....."
The mountain of clothes waiting to be washed
Tumle Bumle Land...the playgroup at our church. By far, the highlight of the week for all of us :)
Watch out! Although she can't crawl YET, she can reach REALLY far and shuffle around!
"No, Mummy! It's MY turn!"
"OK Buddy, knock yourself out" (Who's complaining???)
Doing the laundry with my wonderful helper
Dishes, the old fashioned way
Playing in the play room (which used to be our bedroom)

Our cell group. Christian stayed home with the children, so I got to go out alone!

Wednesday was a pretty tough day for me. Isabel is cutting a tooth and Alexander is snuffly and coughing all night, so I didn't get much sleep the night before, and we all know how difficult it is to cope with unhappy children when you're tired! I was so desperate for Christian to get home!

An Alexanderism from today:

(Alexander) Mummy, ikke sit in my chair (in this context, ikke=don't in Danish)

(Me) In English we say "Don't". "Don't sit in my chair, Mummy"

(Alexander) Don't ikke sit in my chair, Mummy"

(All) ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!


  1. Hvor er det nogle dejlige billeder, og dejligt med en kaffemaskine.. :) Og Alexander Don't ikke sit in my chair, Mummy erda helt vildt sjovt.. Det har forhåbenligt kunne bringe smilet frem på så hård en dag..


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