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Friday, 28 May 2010

It's been a while since my last post, so naturally a lot of stuff has happened or is happening. Last weekend was a long weekend here in Denmark, so we went away with Christian's entire family to a holiday house on the west coast (where it is always windy!). We had some mixed weather (as you can see from the pictures!), but all in all it was a nice weekend.
Tonight, my parents are coming to stay with us for a week, so I'm really excited! It will be lots of fun to show them around our town and do stuff together. They've been to Denmark twice before, so we don't need to do too much touristy stuff, giving us more time to spend together. Good times!
I have also finally got a job, after looking for one for the last four months. I will now be working at Legoland Hotel cleaning rooms every second weekend. There are really awesome benefits to working at Legoland (free tickets, among other things!), and working only every second weekend still gives me time to spend with my family without needing to put my kids into daycare. The great thing is that working just every second weekend will still give me the same amount of money that I was receiving before. Yay! It's a season job, so it ends the 31st October, but at least it gives me a bit of time to look around for something by then. Who knows....maybe something will open up at Lego?
The weather has started warming up here, but it's still really unpredictable, often with swinging temperatures and on-off again rain. Blah! Hopefully some lovely spring/summer weather will arrive soon, preferably next week when Mum and Dad are here!
Isabel has started crawling, so nothing is safe anymore! I have convinced Alexander that it's a better idea to put his Duplo creations up on the table where she can't reach them, instead of sitting on her and shouting "NO!"..... ;)
Alexander is very active and has really started to use his imagination a lot more when playing. It's cool to watch him and fun to play along. (Yes, he is jumping off the roof of his playhouse!)
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My Week in the Life Project, you may be asking? Well, it's still a work in progress. Let's just say I'm a marvellous procrastinator, and there are always so many other things to be done that it's hard to justify using my time working on it. Bad excuse, I know. Okay, I'll try to get it done soon...after my parents go home ;)
Speaking of projects, I have signed up for an online photography course, starting on 1st June. I'm really excited, as it's focussed on photographing children, and I have a dream to start my own children's photography business one day. It goes for 6 weeks and should be fun. Fortunately I have a couple of willing (at times!) guinea pigs to practise on, right here at home! Look for some pictures over the next 6 weeks to see what I've been learning.

Have a great day!


  1. Lækre billeder og herlig opdatering som altid! Glæder mig til at se resultaterne fra dit kursus!

  2. What a great picture of Baby Little Girl!! Love those rich colors. We are proud of you Noni in getting your job: I think that's kind of neat to work for Legoland. Also, the photography course sounds very exciting. thanks for the info. send us more about the things you do while Mum and Dad are there. If only I could read Mariane's comment :) Greetings Mariane :)

    Tootles! Love LisaXXOO


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