Finding the Joy - week 2 {places}

Thursday, 17 June 2010

ftj_week2_alexander puddles, originally uploaded by fiona.m.

Last week's assignment was to capture our children's favourite places. So I sat down and started brainstorming places we could go to, to get some great, artistic type shots...the zoo, the beach, the playground, the forest....and it rained, for the entire week! Not only did that rule out those places, but it also meant we had really, really poor light in our dark little house, which means I have lots and lots of grainy, blurry pictures! I was getting pretty upset about it, when my ingenious husband suggested that I take Alexander outside and tell him to jump in the puddles (like he needs encouraging!) while I took pictures. It was a HUGE success! I got some of the best photos of Alexander EVER, because he was having so much fun. It turns out I got heaps of pictures of Alexander this week (whereas I got more of Isabel last week) because it's so much easier to take pictures of him while he's DOING something! Yay! It turned out being fun in the end. Now, this week's challenge is things. Hmmm...hoping for some good weather=good lighting to get some pictures of their favourite things.
Check out the rest of last week's pictures here:


  1. That is still a great shot! Really amazing... and don't think it is just the point and shoot camera! At least mine doesn't take snaps like this one :-) Must also have a little something to do with tghe photographer!!

  2. Wow Fiona I really like the photo's you have taken. Have seen the ones on flikr too. They are so amazing you could definitely be a super good photographer!!


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