Conversation this Morning

Friday, 20 August 2010

This morning, as we were eating breakfast, Alexander and I had a conversation about what are plans for today are.
Alexander: We going to the lionbaby (library) today?
Me: No. I thought we could go to the zoo today.
Alexander: The lionbaby! My love the lionbaby! We can see animals and play! Hooray! (excellent response, son!)
Me: Yeah, it will be fun, won't it? But you're going to have to start saying zoo. It's confusing when both the library and the zoo are called lionbaby. Otherwise I won't know which one you're talking about.
Alexander: (with a sigh) Alright. It's the white one. (???????? What?)
Me: The zoo is the white one? (Alexander nods) So, the white lionbaby?
Alexander: Yep.
Me: Is the library the black one then? (said with a giggle in my voice)
Alexander: That's not funny. (actually, I think the whole conversation is rather hilarious and am trying very hard not to burst into laughter!) Ok, crilly. We're going to crilly today.
Me: Crilly? That's the zoo? (Alexander nods) Alright then. We're going to look at the animals at crilly.
Alexander: Crilla.
Me: Crilla?
Alexander: The lionbaby is crilla.
Me: The library? (Alexander nods) Crilly and crilla? (nods again) Ok. But that's still rather confusing.
Alexander simply shrugs his shoulders as if to say, you'll figure it out Mum. And then we both giggle ;)


  1. Awesome - thanks for your great blog updates, always a fun and/or interesting read ;-D

  2. I love it!! I laughed so hard, I couldn't even read it out to David. I can just see his little expressions, and the big shrug at the end. Thanks for putting that up, it made our day.


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