Happy Birthday Isabel!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Isabel turned 1 nearly three weeks ago, so it's high time to show you all how her big day was!

Presents in Mummy and Far's bed in the morning

We were lucky enough to have my sister Christina and her children staying with us on Isabel's birthday, so of course we had to celebrate in style ;). The breakfast celebration included buns and pastries from the bakery, and very funny, silly glasses!
Happy Birthday, Princess!

Yum! Danish pastries are GOOD!
Cute, pudgy little fingers!
In her beautiful party dress that her cousin Ainslie gave to her. Of course, we had to set up a little photo shoot to make sure we got a good picture!
The official party in the evening, with all of Christian's family there (except faster/auntie Kirsten who's in Barbados!). She really got a kick out of ripping the paper. Alexander was just dying to help :) Check out cousin Mattie's funny, dorky glasses. He's such a clown!
In the background you can see the flag banner/bunting I made for Isabel's birthday. Yes, that's right, I sewed it all by myself! (I am very proud of myself for that one! ;))
And the funny glasses made their way onto the dinner table too! Uncle Jakob and Elise keep me company :)
Cool glasses, Marianne!
Time for the real birthday cake, put together by the incredibly talented Christian, who just does cakes really, really well. Yes, we are lucky!
Yum, cream tastes GOOD!
Mattie, cutting the head off the "cake woman", in traditional Danish fashion. He thought that was the coolest thing ever. When you cut the head off, all the guests scream! Strange, but true.....;)
All in all, a fabulous day, even though we didn't end up having a garden party as I had planned due to a horrendous amount of rain. Never mind, Isabel. Maybe next year? :)

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