Fun in Oman

Sunday, 28 November 2010

We have been in Oman for nearly a whole month now, visiting my sister Christina and her family. We have been having such a great time here while Christian finishes the renovation at home without us (hopefully! Poor guy ): ) We have driven around and seen a few different things, but of course the pace is a bit slower when you've got small children. We spent 3 days in Dubai when we first arrived, went to the capital city Muscat, saw the sea turtles at Sur, went to a fort in the desert, been to the Sohar Beach Hotel for a day of relaxation, swimming and digging in the sand at the beach, and generally lots of time doing every day life stuff in Sohar with the Maidment family. It's been fantastic, very relaxing (for the most part!), and a wonderful experience. Alexander really loves it here and keeps telling me he "likes hot, not cold" (the temperature was around 36 degrees when we arrived and is now down to 28 degrees...cooler, but still nice and warm!). He is less shy than when we left Denmark and actually smiles at people. Isabel has been a bit more fussy and demanding (maybe she just misses Far?) since we got here, but after 3 and a half weeks has finally settled down and especially loves to eat the Omani way, sitting on a mat on the floor and eating with your fingers! She even likes the Omani food, which is spicier than we are used to, but not burning hot. She absolutely loves to go outside and has gotten really confident at going up and down stairs while we've been here. If anyone leaves the door open, she will run out of it before you notice! She also cruises around the house, destroying stuff (hey, they're just not used to having a toddler around here!!), earning herself the nickname "Destructor". The great thing is having 3 big cousins who are willing to run around after her, and play with both her and Alexander....most of the time! We have really enjoyed ourselves, and will probably have trouble adjusting to "real life" in Denmark again. Oman is definitely worth a visit!!


  1. That sounds like you're having so much fun, I'm so happy for you! Hope you are enjoying the last few days and hope to see you soon in cold cold Denmark, I'm not looking forward to that, I think I agree with Alexander, I like hot not cold :-) hugs and kisses to everyone, Merrilds and Maidments!!

  2. Enjoy the last days.. sounds like you are having an excellent time! Whilst I know coming home to snow and ice in Denmark isn't fun (trust me - did it already, although arrived from something more like 15C) you are missed and I look forward to seeing you all. Love to Christina and kids. Hugs and kisses from faster Marianne


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