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Monday, 24 January 2011

  • Christian has finished most of the house renovation and is now consistently working on the smaller, but still very important, details of finishing off. We will get a visit from the bank in mid-February, so we are rushing around to finish off all the minor things and get the house clean, tidy and organised before he comes. No small task!! I'll post some pictures when we've totally finished and it's looking good ;)

  • Alexander has finally started to enjoy going to his kindy two mornings a week, which gives Isabel and I some time together to play together. Isabel and I both enjoy that, and Isabel is very excited to pick Alexander up at lunch time. They give each other a big hug and Alexander asks, "Did you miss me, Isabel?" every single time!

  • Alexander and I have started to do some Montessori inspired activities together during Isabel's nap times, and when everything is finished in the house we'll set up a little "preschool room" in the front entrance (which we don't use, except for guests). He has really enjoyed doing his "school", and so far has learnt to identify "A" for Alexander, different shapes and some sounds (a,s,m,t). He also thinks it's fun to make the letter A with his fingers, pencils, or dinner! He also enjoys "writing" his name, although at this stage it's just a few letters/shapes.

  • Both Alexander and Isabel have really enjoyed watching Dora the Explorer and Diego after being introduced to them in Oman and then getting a few DVDs for Christmas. Isabel says, "Dora", "Go-go (Diego)" and "backpack", and Alexander randomly counts to 6 in Spanish and asks to watch shows in Spanish.

  • Isabel has become a very strong willed, determined little lady who wants to do everything herself. This is mostly not a problem, except that if she can't do something herself or we tell her no to something she totally loses it and throws the most enormous temper tantrums! She parrots most of what we say and has started to do everything Alexander does...both good and not so good! She can now climb up onto her high chair herself, and often climbs up on the step stool....then asks for help to get down ;) She goes up the stairs herself, but not down again, as she refuses to go down backwards. She says...Mummy, Far, up, all done, ned (down), play, Da-da (Alexander), baby (to her doll), en to (one two), help (when encouraged to!), Ta Mummy (thank you), car, nap and possibly other things I can't remember right now! She loves to play with water (including with her drink at the table) and to draw with Alexander.

  • I am doing quite fine, but am generally tired most of the time. Baby no. 3 is doing well and is due to make an appearance on the 21st May....we'll see when it actually happens! Alexander is much more interested this time around, and likes looking at the ultrasound picture of the baby. His drawings have also started to include a drawing of the baby in Mummy's tummy.

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