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Monday, 2 May 2011

Yes, we are still alive (in case anyone was wondering!) and are enjoying life. Lately (as in, the last month) we have been:
Enjoying the new hammock I got for my birthday!
Celebrating that this wonderful boy turned goodness, how time flies!
Alexander has been enjoying his new bike, which he got for his birthday!
Isabel has been introduced to the potty :)
Enjoying lots of outside play time in the beautiful spring weather
I have been growing, and growing, and growing.....only about 3 weeks left!
Putting in a new hedge all the way around the house
Celebrating Easter and the resurrection of our Saviour
Enjoying spending time with family over Easter and due to the many family birthdays (with more to come in May!)
Sewing clothes for Isabel and occasionally Alexander
Enjoying spring and all that it brings, including visiting displays of baby farm animals and tractors. Alexander and Isabel were far more interested in the tractor than in the animals. But what can I say....I grew up on a farm and still prefer to see animals from the other side of the fence ;)

Hope you are well wherever you may be. Look forward to more regular posts coming up!

Hugs Fiona


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  2. Good to hear that you are still alive! I love the dress you made for Isabel ;) Didn't know you were a seamstress..! Can't believe Alexander is four years allready! Time really flies :D Have a blessed waiting time. Looking foreward to see pictures of the new Merrild. Is it a boy or girl..?

  3. Thanks Lillian! Only time will tell if it's a boy or a girl ;) I am NOT a seamstress, just trying to make some clothes because it's fun. Isabel's dress just looks so nice at the front because I made it from an old top of mine. I'm also very inspired by all the sewing YOU have been doing! Hope you're well :)

  4. Great to read about how you are doing. Exciting about the new baby coming :-D
    Enjoy the spring.

  5. Fiona, it is lovely to see you looking so relaxed. The weather looks stunning in Denmark at the moment. I am jealous of your new hammock - I hope you get a lot of rest in it for the next 2 weeks. Good job on all the parties you have organised, and I love the spotty dress Isabel is wearing! Poor Lulu... Lots of love, C


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