Control of Error

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Montessori materials have something called "control of error" built in to them, which makes it obvious to the child when they have made an error, rather than having to rely on an adult to tell them.Isabel took this activity from the shelf yesterday, which Alexander and Christian made her for her birthday. She took the coloured rings off, like she had been shown, and put them back on like this. She then looked at the blue rings for a moment, and said "no".
She then proceeded to take the blue rings off the yellow peg. She was about to put them on the blue peg, but noticed that there were yellow rings there. Once again, she said "no", and took the yellow rings off the blue peg and put the blue rings there instead.
She then tried putting a red ring on the yellow peg, but once again she looked at it and said "no", then took it off again.
Finally, she put all the yellow rings on the yellow peg, all the blue rings on the blue peg, and all the red rings on the red peg. When she was finished, she looked at it and said "yes!". She looked so proud of herself, then put it back on the shelf where it came from.

It was so fun to sit and watch her silently from the corner of the room, and to see her correct her work herself. These activities are just so great for Isabel, because she really likes to figure things out herself, without anyone interfering (unlike Alexander, who wants to be told what to do and if he got it right!). This way she can see right away if it's right or not. It's going to be fun finding activities for her!


  1. Wow, you are an amazing Mum! These activities look so cool and the children look like they are having so much fun. Good job Noni!

  2. Sorry, that was from me!! Love you,
    Auntie Katie!

  3. ha ha! yeah, anonymous doesn't help much ;) Hugs from us!

  4. Love these ideas Noni. I will take them and use them for sure. What a clever Mummy you are. Love Lisa


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