Weekend Sewing

Sunday, 28 August 2011

This weekend I whipped up a pair of pants for Alexander. He is getting so tall and has either outgrown or outworn all of his pants. So, it's time to get started sewing an autumn wardrobe for him (and Isabel too). I made them out of a lovely soft velour from this pattern, which I have now used successfully a few times. Alexander's verdict? "Wow, they're so soft and hyggelig!(Hyggelig=nice) I want an orange pair too!"

It's not always easy finding time to sew when you've got three little ones running about and a home improvement project that (although almost complete) takes most of hubby's time, but I felt very blessed, sitting upstairs and listening to some lovely sounds...the sewing machine humming, Alexander making horse noises as he played with his animals, Isabel talking to herself, and the sound of the vacuum cleaner as Christian (bless him!) tidied up downstairs while Lucy was sleeping. Very blessed indeed!

Hope your weekend was just as wonderful as mine!

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