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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

I was so inspired by this word art that came as part of the Spring Menagerie Kit from DHD. While I was sorting through the mountain of stuff in my creative room, getting ready to move it downstairs, I came across an empty wooden frame that Christian had made. 

This frame was supposed to end up as a Montessori dressing frame, but I had never gotten around to making something for it. I put it in the pile of things to toss out, when Alexander came in and asked about it. Then he said to me, "We should out a photo in it of me and you and Far and Lucy and Isabel!" and I thought, ""What a great idea!". Only, we already have a family picture in our lounge room. I was thinking of what picture I could get printed to put in the frame, when I saw the word art again while filling my project life  pages last week. So I decided to put that in there instead.

 I simply printed it out on my printer at home (which is just a standard boring printer) onto cardstock, then cut it down to size with my paper cutter.

When it was the right size, I added double sided tape to the back and stuck it into the frame. And voilá! New word art in our lounge room!

I love it! Simple, fast, easy and fun. Best of all, I get to look at those words everyday, which is a reminder to me to have a good attitude and focus on the best things in life.

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