Project Life - Week 10

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

To help me be accountable with my Project Life, I am linking up with the Mom Creative!

The Mom Creative

Here are my pages from week 10. Enjoy!
This week Christian was working in Roskilde (another town in Denmark) from Monday to Thursday, so I was solo parenting for those days. Let's just say, I'm glad that's not a permanent arrangement! We had a couple of visits from different family members to help out around dinner and bed time, which was really wonderful. I'm very thankful for that!
Here is the left hand side, using Template A. I bought the cobalt kit at the beginning of the year, but I don't actually use much of it :). Things happening here are: lots of duplo play this week; a copy of my (clean) arrest record to send off for my upcoming job at Legoland; a visit from Faster Kirsten with the first strawberries of the year; Lucy walking with a push along wagon; playing in the park in Kolding.
Here is a closer look at the right hand side, using Template F. I must admit, I really like this template! It was fun using it :) A couple of close ups of the kids and their play, journalling about Isabel's check up at the doctor, a shopping trip, a quote from Alexander, a Skype call to my parents which Lucy is really enjoying, some weekend pictures, and....Christian's "little" weekend project! He built the kids a cubby house, inside...up in the rafters! It has a secret entrance from one of the bedrooms upstairs (meaning he cut a hole in the wall to make it!) and is very cool! They all really like it!
This week I enjoyed using a whole bunch of different journalling cards and templates. Here are the links.


  1. Wow Fiona this looks really great!!! I'm impressed that you've gotten around to making week 10 even though Christian is so much away! Really good job!!! Keep it up... Looking forward to seeing more weeks :) And what a great way to use what you've done for everyone to have a little sneak peak at your week here on the blog :)

  2. your pictures are great...I love the legos one a lot!

  3. Thanks! It was probably easier to get it done because Christian wasn't home ;)

  4. Faster Marianne14 March 2012 at 23:15

    Great pictures :-) You are just so creative! xoxo

  5. Your week looks great! I like all the colors you used!


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