Project Life - Week 12

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

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Hello again! I know, I skipped a week. It was such a busy period that I didn't get around to putting week 11 together, but I'll get it caught up and posted soon. In the meantime, here is week 12!

We came back on Monday after a long weekend in Germany with family (which is why I haven't put that week together yet...too many pictures!!), and Christian left straight away for Roskilde Monday evening, so it was just me and the kiddos again until Thursday. Thankfully he won't be working over there anymore :D 

We spent lots of time playing and just being together. Isabel was suddenly interested in going to Kindy with Alexander (I have been trying since August!), so we stayed up there together and the first day I left for half an hour, the second day for an hour. Progress! Hopefully she decides that she wants to keep going. Another major theme was Ninjago. Christian bought a comic book before he left which had a Ninjago DVD attached to it. Great timing, because Alexander is desperate for Ninjago Lego for his birthday (which is in 2 weeks time) and especially wants the blue plane. We watched that together and Isabel really liked it too, even though the baddies are snakes! I guess Lego snakes aren't as scary as real ones ;) Alexander brought all his best Spin-Jitzu moves after that, and there were many cries of, "Go, Ninja!" floating around!

We also sent out birthday invitations to Alexander's birthday, and he had a go at writing his name. When I asked if he wanted to write his own name, at first he said, "I'm not a school boy, you know. I don't know how to write it!" After I assured him I would write it for him to copy, he decided to give it a go. After 2 invitations, his hand was tired, but it's also a long name to write! The highlight of the week was definitely Christian coming home. He had hidden small toys in his suitcase for them to find, something he remembers doing when his Dad had to travel for work. Alexander and Isabel loved rummaging through his bag and discovering the Schleich toys they had wanted - two small animals for Isabel and a red soldier for Alexander. We also tackled a big weekend project, which was moving some rooms around. Now the play room is upstairs where my creative room was, and my creative space will be downstairs beside the lounge room. So far it's working well to send them upstairs to play. They like it up there and it gives all of us a bit of space from each other.

That's it for this week! Once again, I used the same template and the wonderful Today Journal Cards from Valorie Wibbens as last week, and this week used some word art from the Spring Menagerie Kit from DHD. I also bought the cool little Microscrappers from Banana Fish Studio. They are fun!

Hope you enjoyed looking at our week!


  1. YEah it looks really good :) I'm so happy for you all with the rooms being swapped, I'm sure it's going to be wonderful. And Isabel being interested in Kindy - wow - she might actually be ready for Børnehave after her birthday ;) It all looks super great!!! Looking forward to celebrating some birthdays with you all soon!!!!

  2. What a cute set of layouts! I love the card and photo combinations you have used!

  3. LOVE the pic of them playing "post office" and the one of all the kids in the tub! So cute!

  4. Your pages look great. I love the "This is my life" card you added.

  5. I love all the detail you put on the smaller cards- great week!

  6. love the feel of your pages...the color scheme is great!

  7. These layouts are adorable! Are they all digital? You have some great photography--love the perspective you have in so many of them!

  8. Wonderful pages, love the colors and all the details!

  9. Thank you for all the wonderful, encouraging comments! Makes it easier to keep at it ;)


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