Something About Lucy

Thursday, 29 March 2012

There's something about Lucy. The sweet smile, the concentrated look, the stubborn face she pulls as she tries to get free. She is just adorable. All the children at Kindy try and cuddle her, kiss her, pick her up and carry her around and play with her - but she just wants to CRAWL!

She is a super speedy crawler and gets around really quickly. She is also really quiet, and hardly makes any noise (unless she is protesting being carried around!), so we can her the stealth crawler. She moves silently through the house and every now and then I look around and ask, "Where's Lucy?", which is why it's really important that the stair gate is always locked and the bathroom door is closed.

Here is a glimpse of Lucy at ten months old.

She LOVES her bunny and will happily carry it around with her is she is allowed. She likes to have it when she sleeps. She also likes to turn her dummy upside down and put it back in her mouth.

She LOVES the swing, especially when Isabel is pushing her!

Skyping with Grandma in Australia
 She can WAVE and likes to say hi and goodbye with her hands.

She MUST be strapped in! She is a wriggler, a crawler, and a climber, with no fear!

Picture by Alexander :)
She does NOT like to be strapped in, especially in her car seat! This may change when she moves into a forward facing car seat :)

 She wants to be just like her older siblings and will always join in, no matter what they're doing. She is USUALLY allowed to!

She LOVES to climb and can climb up the stairs without help. Yesterday I caught her standing on the second step of the toddler slide at playgroup, trying to go down head first! 

For some funny reason, she really likes this DUPLO knight. She takes him with her all over the place :)

She is my little HELPER and helps me pull the clothes out of the washing machine and dryer. She also crawls up into the dishwasher almost as soon as it is opened!

She likes to sit up until she FALLS asleep...literally!

She LIKES to have her daytime naps in her pram. She is starting to get a bit big now, so we will have to look into a replacement.

She is an ADRENALINE JUNKIE and loves to go down the herself! If there is a slide around, beware. She is either trying to climb up it or is halfway up the ladder at the back :)

She loves to be OUTSIDE and explore.

Picture by Alexander :)
She is pretty happy going to just about anybody, but she does LOVE her MUMMY :) 

Lucy is an absolute delight, but she is also very stubborn and independent. She MUST feed herself and will not eat anything that must be fed to her on spoon! She is quiet and easy going, but she knows what she wants and what she will not compromise on. She fits in like a dream and plays happily with both Alexander and Isabel as she likes to wrestle with Alexander and play with Isabel's princess and horses. She is truly a treasure!


  1. This is wonderful Fiona!!!! Is it something like this you are thinking about with the one year photo book for their birthdays? Off course with pictures from the whole year... I especially love the first picture of Lucy here, is't super fantastic and you can without problem say you are a photographer!!!!

  2. Thanks Kirsten :) Yes, this is what I was thinking of, for the whole year. I also love that picture as it's so hard to get a picture of Lucy smiling...she crawls over to me so fast I don't have a chance! See you Sunday xoxo


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