Week in the Life 2012 - Monday

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

 Welcome to Week in the Life 2012! This project is lots of fun, involving insane amounts of photo taking and many cries of "Wait! Let me take a picture first!". Good thing I have a patient family :)
Here are some of me favourite pictures from Monday. I will put it together later and get it printed out as a book. After we dropped Alexander off at preschool (børnehave) I took Isabel and Lucy to Legoland so I could pick up my season pass. Lots of fun! Otherwise an ordinary day for us.

See you again tomorrow!

Hugs, Fiona


  1. Love it... You've got some really great pics... Love how Isabel is helping far mowing the lawn.... :)

    xoxox Faster Kirsten!!!

  2. me too, especially the 80s style headband :)

  3. Oh yeah... and I love the fact that both lawnmowers the real and the toy one is yellow it just makes it really good... :) She's a sweetie...


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