Week in the Life - Friday

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Friday, the day I thought I took barely any photos. It turns out that I took 131 pictures! Crazy! Friday is Christian's day off, so Alexander is also home from preschool. We were going to go out and check out some second hand shops for a table for my office, but Isabel had a fever and wasn't feeling well, so Christian and Alexander went out to drop off the library books and for Alexander to spend the rest of his birthday money on a plastic cow. Turns out he bought cars instead :) I tidied up in preparation for my birthday celebration with my girlfriends, which was a fantastic evening. Here is a selection of pictures from the day.
5:45am Good morning!
 Library books, ready to be returned
Getting ready for a new day 
Checking out a favourite blog with my morning coffee 
Tidying up my office
  Little helper :)
 New cars!
Tidy space :) 
Look who's walking!! 
 Far baking cake with his little helper
Walking with a wagon is so much fun 
 Shoes are also very interesting
Outside in the sunshine 
LEGO building...
 ...with a bit of help :)
 Making coffee for the hippo ;)
 Friday night ritual: Disneysjov (Disney fun) with snacks
 Everything is ready for a nice evening
The very best of friends

Until next time!

Hugs, Fiona


  1. I'm loving looking at your photos! What an amazing meal you prepared, how wonderful to have so many friends over. Do you do that every Friday night?
    Ronnie xo
    p.s. I almost blushed when I saw that photo on your computer screen of one of your favourite blogs.... I am so touched.

  2. Checking out your week. You depict life at it's best through your photos and journaling. What a precious gift for your family in future years. This so represents Ali's house as she grew up. Mom's Rock!


  3. Thanks Ronnie! That was a belated birthday celebration for me, but we do get together every second week as a small group through our church and read a book together. It's wonderful to have a group of women around you! Your blog is definitely one of my favourites...as beautiful as a magazine, but real and authentic. xo

  4. Thanks Pati. It was really special to read your comment. Thanks for raising such an amazing daughter and giving her the support to be an inspiration to so many! Bless xo


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