Week in the Life - Sunday

Monday, 30 April 2012

My Sunday didn't turn out quite as I had thought it would at the beginning of the week. I was asked on Thursday to work on Sunday, so I was a bit upset that I would miss out on taking pictures of our "ordinary" Sunday. Then I realised that this project is about our lives, and this is my ordinary life!

5.33am Good morning! Lucy is awake and Christian gets up with her, but I try and steal a few more minutes...after taking my picture ;)
5.53am Time for a clean nappy.
6.09am The first load of laundry for the day...with a little help :)
Morning cartoons.
 8.12am Driving to work in Billund.
 Nearly there!
8.20am Arrived at Legoland Hotel.
 Walking through reception.
 8.26am Ready for work!
 3.14pm Tired after a very long and busy day.
3.53pm Petrol stop on the way home.
4.03pm Grocery shopping.
Meanwhile, at home.....playing with Duplo.
 10.15am Waiting for the bus downtown.
The bus is fun! On the way to church.
 4.14pm What a morning! Crashed on the couch. 
 5.27pm Welcome home, Mummy! We missed you.
5.44pm Ice cream!
6.55pm Bath time.
7.26pm Story time. 
 8.04pm Downton Abbey :)
 Relaxation time.
 9.04pm Alexander can't sleep. Nothing better than an extra story with Far.

Sunday, and I'm glad this project is at an end. It has been fun, rewarding and insightful, but it sure is tiring too! Remembering to write down the details and dragging the camera out to take a picture, when all you want to do is relax and enjoy the moment is hard work! But it's all worth it, to be able to look back on our week and see the details of our lives. I love this project!

Now, I just need to put it all together! Thanks for following along :)

Hugs, Fiona

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  1. I'm sure you'll have fun doing so!
    How awesome is Downtoun Abbey? :)
    Ronnie xo


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