Week in the Life - Thursday

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Thursday, only a few days late :) It's pretty intense, this project, but I love seeing our lives in pictures. Can't wait until it's done! Some photos.
Good morning!
Garbage truck excitement
Unstacking the dishwasher (with helper!)

 Arrival at preschool/børnehave
 Showing me how it's done in the Jungle Room
 Covered shoes inside the preschool
 On the way to Kindy
 Big girl going to Kindy
 Just me and Lucy
 Stopping for the train
 Out for a walk in the rain
 Mail has arrived!
 Driving back to Kindy
 "Hello Lucy!" 
 Baking cookies (Alexander's request)
 Demanding attention
 Hanging out the laundry
 Warm cookies and milk
 Telling about his day
 "Row, row, row your boat..."
 Bedtime story
 Wii before bed
Cleaning the windows

Friday coming soon!

Hugs, Fiona

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