Week in the Life - Wednesday

Thursday, 26 April 2012

There were LOTS of pictures from Wednesday! I was so inspired by Ali's link up, where people doing this project can share their daily pictures (as I am doing). It was so cool to see pictures from people's every day lives, and gave me a bit of a boost and some inspiration for my pictures. Here is Wednesday in pictures.
5:44am Good morning!

 6:21am Dirty nappies in the garbage.
 7:57am Washing bottles.
 In the steriliser.
10:00am Ready for a forest picnic with our playgroup. 
 10:30am Eating.
12:05pm Exhausted. 
12:50pm Baby toes (Lucy likes to sleep with her toes uncovered. I always find her like this!)
 12:55pm Making coffee.
 Recording life.
 1:30pm Dusting.
 Lucy's corner.
 1:45pm Cleaning the bathroom.
2:05pm Awake.
 3:30pm Afternoon tea.
4.30pm Afternoon cartoons.
 4:45pm Far (Daddy) home.
 5:00pm Cuddling.
 5:30pm Eating.
 5:55pm Walking together.
6:00pm Spring in the forest. 
 Determined. (You saw a horse? Where?)
 6:45pm Bath time.
6:50pm Everyday chores.
 7:00pm Evening snack ("It's like we've got our own magazine!").
Getting ready for bed.
7:05pm Evening snack.
 7:30pm Wednesday date night
8:30pm Researching.

It was a fun day, but most of all, it's fun to look back on these pictures and see how many memories we've captured. Our lives change so much over the years...this project is an awesome way to capture those details we will forget!

See you tomorrow.

Hugs, Fiona


  1. Lovely pictures! This week is so much fun.

  2. I loved seeing these photos of your week Fiona. Thanks for sharing these. It's such a precious record. I didn't take part in this last week but hope to do it later this year!
    Ronnie xo

  3. i love Lucy's toes....what a great photo and capiton. Thanks for letting me take a peak. Your kids are really cute. Big smile on my face right now (mine are so much older....)


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