Project Life - Week 18

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Welcome to Week 18. I must still be on a high from Week in the Life, because I managed to take a LOT of photos this week! Trimming them down to just these ones was quite challenging, but I just have to keep reminding myself that I want this album to be an overview of our lives, so I don't need 10 photos of the same thing in here :) I also decided to make some space for Isabel's artwork and Alexander's writing, even though I had plenty of photos to choose from! As this project is being done digitally, I took photos of their work. I don't want to miss out on the cool aspects of putting "real" stuff in our album, just because it is digital! I really enjoyed putting these pages together, and the process is getting much faster for me to do, mostly because I am simplifying my look and not trying to over-do it. Don't you just love that yellow colour? Those journalling cards are from the Today Journal Cards by Valorie Wibbens. Template and background paper (cobalt pack) are by Jessica Sprague. This week I also tried typing straight onto my photos รก la Ronnie (yes, you're awesome, Ronnie!), but I might have overdone it just a wee bit! Oh well, I can't help myself. I just have so much to say all the time!
It was such a great week. Spring arrived in full force, the weather turned warm and sunny, and all the new green leaves and blossoms have exploded into colour. Makes life just so much happier. We made sure to spend lots of time outside so we could enjoy the lovely weather. After all, in this part of the world, you just never know how long it will last...or when it will come back! It was so fantastic to be able to sit outside and play on our new deck. We also ate out there a couple of times! Bedstemor and Faster Kirsten came to visit and helped set up all the outdoor furniture before we ate out there together. They are the first people to eat out there with us! 
We also had a few public holidays this week (spring is full of public holidays in Denmark. No wonder everyone loves spring....nicer weather AND lots of days off to enjoy it!). Tuesday was Labour Day, not technically a public holiday, but Christian got the day off as he's a carpenter. Instead of joining the union rally, he decided it would be a great day to go out to Legoland for the first time this year as a family. It really was a fabulous day! The weather was warm and sunny, but the park wasn't too crowded as it was mid-week. That meant we didn't have to wait long to try out our favourite rides and to see the new attraction...real live penguins (even though our kids thought the Lego polar bear was more exciting!). We have now agreed that there's no point going again, as we can never get a better day than the one we had!! 
Friday was also a public holiday, Store Bededag (Great Prayer Day - a very old church holiday). Traditionally you are supposed to eat hvede (white bread rolls) the night before or for breakfast, so Marianne came over for dinner on Thursday night with a huge stack of them. It was really nice to eat them together...and to not have to make dinner! She also brought some Lego and some Duplo for the girls, so they had lots of fun putting it all together and playing with it. 
On Saturday Christian took the kids up to see their Oldemor (Great-Grandmother) for her 92nd birthday. They had a nice day, and all of Christian's siblings were there as well. On their way home they came over to our place for a games night. We decided to FINALLY try Jakob's game, Munchkin, which he has been trying to introduce for a long time! After a long day at work, I just couldn't understand the rules (or the point...if I am going to run into monsters, why am I wondering around in the dungeon?!) so Kirsten and I played Wii party instead. The names of the monsters are rather hilarious, though, so we giggled and laughed a lot over those! In the end, Christian won, so he was very happy! 
It was a great week, but also tough as Lucy is teething (poor baby is getting all four front teeth on the top at the same time!), so she was very clingy and whiny, and didn't sleep well. Hopefully those teeth will come through soon, and she will be back to her happy little self.

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Until next time!

Hugs, Fiona


  1. Wow - love how your photos are full of your family enjoying spedning time together. The family dance photo is wonderful! I like the way you journalled onto the photos - especially when you write the one word description of your children - that made me smile so much!

  2. What a cute family you have. Love the family dancing one. Great job writing on your photos and journal cards, they look great. I always have a lot to say also. My week was heavy on photos also even after WITL, so happy for that.

    It was nice to see your digital version of PL, looks awesome. Enjoy your week!

  3. Looks really great!!! Well done Fiona!! The family dancing picture is so great!!! And I can really imagine you all having so much fun dancing together :) It's wonderful that Lucy now can join in the fun!!! Love you all - Faster Kirsten xoxox

  4. Great to see the kids art and writing included and how fun that your family dances together.

  5. The family dancing looks so fun! How cool that Lucy can join in now. :)
    You're awesome to have done this and put up a post about it already!!! Sadly, I am 3 weeks behind with posting... :)
    Ronnie xo
    p.s. Yay for text on photos!

  6. I went in the opposite direction with week 18 - very few photos because I was burned out from week in the life! Good for you to keep on snapping... :) Love this.


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