Project Life - Week 22

Monday, 4 June 2012

Hello, June! 22 weeks in, and I am still keeping up! (We are not going to mention those weeks that I haven't completed yet... ;)) I love this project. I love being able to see the details of our lives. However, I'm finding it a little hard to stay inspired when all of my pages are digital, and we can't enjoy them fully. Perhaps it's time to get the first half of the year printed? After week 26? I thought one album per year would be cool, but now I'm not sure. Any suggestions? 

We had a very ordinary type week. Playing, reading, enjoying. There wasn't much good weather, but we made sure to enjoy all of it! Alexander and Isabel both had trips with their schools, which they both enjoyed, and I was just happy that it didn't rain at all!
Left side. Pretty simple this week. I try to remind myself that it's recording the memories that counts ;) 
Right side. We went to celebrate Christian's Dad's birthday. He and his wife live just across from the beach, so we just had to go there, even though the wind was very strong and cold! It was quite a job keeping Lucy out of the water! I love beach photos :) We'll have to go again when the weather is better!

I'm rather horrified to admit, but I don't know where the journalling cards that I used are from. I downloaded them from somewhere, and I just can't figure out where! I have sent her an email, so hopefully I can link back soon. The journalling cards I used are a free download from here. Otherwise, I have used the usual products and my current favourite, the circle tag template from Design Editor.

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See you next time!

Hugs, Fiona


  1. I definitely think you should print the first half of the year in an album - I reckon you'll be very encouraged by it and it'll help to motivate you for the rest of the year!
    Ronnie xo

  2. Thanks Ronnie. I might do that. Time to finish off those last weeks (from early on) that aren't done yet so I can print it off. I think the kids will really enjoy it too!

  3. That beach looks fabulous. What a great week. Your pages turned out so nice. I like the clean lines and the soothing colors.

  4. Your Project Life pages are gorgeous! As someone who's doing it with paper I'm envious of how clean yours looks!

  5. Well done Fiona! I love all your pages, and definitely think you should print out the first half year. You will all enjoy looking through it and it will inspire you to keep going. Love ya heaps.

  6. Thanks for the lovely comments! I think it's definitely time to get them printed off. I can't wait to see how it turns out!


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